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Personal Loans & Lines of Credit

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Personal Loans in Pennsylvania & New Jersey

Mid Penn Bank is pleased to offer a range of personal loan options for our community members in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. A personal loan can help consolidate debt or pay for major purchases such as:

  • Home renovations: Remodel your kitchen or bathroom, improve your landscaping or add a deck to get the house of your dreams.
  • Car purchases: Find competitive rates to help you buy a new vehicle or finance a first car for one of your children.

What do you need to secure a personal loan? We stand out among local banks that offer personal loans, and our process is simple and fast. To apply, you’ll need a driver’s license, state ID, military ID or passport.

What are our repayment options for personal loans in central PA or NJ? Our community bank can work with you to determine a repayment period that works with your financial needs.

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Flex Line of Credit

Mid Penn Bank’s Flex Line of Credit is a revolving line of credit that can be used for:

  • Overdraft protection: Draw on your Flex Line if your account runs an inadvertent deficit.
  • Car/Home repairs: Cover large bills that arise from accidents or long-term wear to your PA home or car.
  • Unexpected expenses: Give yourself a welcome cushion when you need money for medical bills, pet emergencies or sudden travel opportunities.

How is a flex line different than personal loans or credit cards? Personal loans have a set amount available to borrow, while our Flex Line revolves. When you pay down your balance, you’ll get more to spend, much like a credit card. Credit cards, however, usually have higher interest rates.

What are repayment options for Flex Lines? We have repayment periods that will fit with your financial goals.

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Which Loan Option Is Right for You?

Mid Penn Bank is proud to offer a range of personal loan solutions and local loan experts. Installment personal loans can be a great option for specific purchases, such as a home or vehicle. They can also work for debt consolidation if you want to have a specific date by which your debts are repaid. Lines of credit, however, are great as overdraft protection and for ongoing expenses — such as college costs. Your personal line of credit can also serve as a form of an emergency fund.

As a community bank, we are committed to our local area. We want to be your bank of choice no matter where you live in the state of Pennsylvania or New Jersey.

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We have local loan experts as well as dedicated teams at each of our locations across central PA and NJ to help you decide which personal loans are best for your needs. Find a Mid Penn Bank near youapply for a loan now or get in touch with us to learn more.