Prepare Today; Be Secure Tomorrow

What is it? 

Secure Login is an extra layer of protection in personal online banking that enhances your security and helps protect your privacy.


Mid Penn Bank works hard to help keep your information safe. Secure Login is a best-practice security feature to help us make sure only YOU log on to your account. In addition to knowing your user name and password, you’ll get a message on your phone occasionally to make sure it’s you.


We will be implementing Secure Login on October 30, 2023. Prepare Today; Be Secure Tomorrow.

To-Do List:

  1. Update your phone numbers today, before Oct. 30. From Online Banking, access your profile and update your phone numbers. If you don’t have a home phone number, enter your mobile phone number in the home phone field.
  2. If you don’t update your numbers prior to Oct 30, you’ll be prompted to update your numbers on your first login.
  3. Don’t skip this step! Make sure you fill in your Mobile Number. See the video below for a helpful overview. Once you enter your Mobile Number, you’ll be able to receive a text with your secure code.



FAQ – Starting Monday, October 30, 2023


What is Secure Login?

Secure Login is our login authentication system for Personal Online Banking. It uses multiple layers of security to ensure unauthorized users cannot gain access to your accounts and personal information.


Why are you implementing Secure Login?

Secure Login protects you from fraud and identity theft by verifying your login credentials, your device, and your location upon logging in.


How do I enroll?

Log into Personal Online Banking as you do today and follow the prompts. You will be required to validate and enroll all primary phone numbers including your mobile phone number, if applicable.


What if I don’t have a mobile phone?

No problem! A mobile phone is only required if you’d like to receive a One Time Passcode as a SMS Text Message. Numbers listed as a home or business phone will receive the One Time Passcode in a Voice Call.


How often will I be prompted to use a Secure Login code?

You may receive a One Time Passcode if your device is new or not recognized or if you are logging in from an unusual geographical location.


Can you login from multiple devices with Secure Login?

Yes. Just as you do today, you can log into Personal Online Banking from any device such as a computer, mobile phone, or tablet. You may be prompted to enter a One Time Passcode if the device isn’t recognized by Secure Login.


Can I opt out of Secure Login?

You cannot opt out of Secure Login. This is a security feature that helps protect your account information and will begin starting Monday, October 30.


How secure is Secure Login?

Secure Login uses multiple layers of security by verifying three important criteria: your login credentials, your device, and your location.


Is there any benefit to me for using Secure Login?

Secure Login is an enhanced security authentication system that is designed to protect unauthorized users from gaining access to your personal accounts and information.


Will I incur any cost or fees from using Secure Login?