PA & NJ Agricultural Loans

Growing your agricultural business requires financing options designed specifically for farm real estate. Our local agricultural lenders offer flexible rates and terms along with a consultative approach to financing your agribusiness and helping it flourish long-term. If you’re looking for Pennsylvania and New Jersey farm loan programs but don’t know where to start, Mid Penn Bank can provide you with the guidance you need and flexible options to help your agricultural business thrive.

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What Is an Agricultural Loan?

An agricultural loan refers to a loan given to farmers and others in agribusiness to purchase more farmland, farming buildings, farming equipment and other major purchases associated with agribusiness expansion. An agricultural loan can also be used for subsidizing grazing and feeding expenses and pre-paying for the following year’s production.

The most common reasons for applying for agricultural loans fall under the umbrella of agribusiness expansion. This can include purchasing more farm real estate or upgrading equipment. No matter your reason for opting for farm real estate loans in PA or NJ, Mid Penn Bank has a team of agriculture financing experts to help guide you to the best loan option for your farming business.

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Why Would You Need an Agricultural Loan?

Agricultural lending banks in PA and NJ typically provide agricultural loan services for agribusiness owners planning to purchase property or equipment that will increase their yearly output. There are many reasons for applying for farm loans!

We recommend that anyone under the following circumstances looks into agricultural loans:

  • You need to upgrade or replace expensive farming equipment.
  • You need to purchase new farmland or other agricultural property.
  • You want to pre-pay for next year’s production.
  • You want to cover as many expenses as possible pre-harvest.
  • You want to invest in new farming equipment or agricultural storage units.

There are many reasons for needing an agricultural loan. If you own farmland and have maintained good credit, applying for an agricultural loan should be a fairly seamless process. However, it’s best to seek professional advice on the type of agricultural loan you should apply for — and Mid Penn Bank is here to provide it.

Local Agricultural Lending Team

Working with an agricultural lender in Pennsylvania or New Jersey can help ensure you have the local financial support to complement your agricultural knowledge and skills — regardless of the market conditions. Our local leadership knows the agricultural world and is prepared to work alongside you to aid in your success.

  • Responsive and accessible
  • Consultative approach
  • Flexible rates and terms

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Our Agricultural Services

Mid Penn Bank is proud to be the local community bank trusted by many of our area’s farmers and agricultural businesses. We offer a range of services including:

  • Operating Loans
  • Equipment Loans
  • Real Estate Loans
  • And more

With attractive rates and flexible repayment terms, Mid Penn Bank offers services that match the realities of owning an agricultural or farming business. Whether it’s a conversation about today’s challenges or your long-term vision, we’ll take the time to understand your needs.

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