Posted on May 31st, 2017
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We will be taking the opportunity to introduce some of our team members who are celebrating an anniversary of working at Mid Penn Bank! For this blog post we interviewed Commercial Lender and SBA Officer Natalie Falatek, who has been with the bank for five years. Learn more about why she enjoys working at Mid Penn, and what her role is in helping customers achieve their goals.


What do you enjoy most about working at a community bank?

I most enjoy feeling like I can make a difference and have an impact. This works all the way around…being a community bank of our size, I can make a difference in the community, at work, and in people’s personal lives.

Do you engage in any organizations or events within your community?

Yes. I try to participate in different parades and volunteer events on behalf of the bank each year. I am also on the National Association of Government Guaranteed Lenders Small Lenders East committee, I serve as treasurer for the Ned smith Center for Nature and Art,and I am active in our local Rotary.

Natalie Falatek
Natalie Falatek, Commercial Lender and SBA Officer

What is your role in making the bank “work” or “flow”?

First, I think that everyone of us has a role in the responsibility to speak up and share constructive ideas when we see something that isn’t working, in our department or others. The second is my functional role as an SBA Loan Officer. I help make the bank flow by coordinating the process for the borrowers, lenders, branch managers, lending assistants, loan docs and servicing so that the loan process doesn’t seem too large or cumbersome for them.

What do you think sets Mid Penn Bank apart from other local banks?

I think that it is our leadership and really all of our employees. We have found the right balance of building a culture that emphasizes how to serve our customers best. Some of the larger banks have pushed too hard in sales, while some of the smaller banks have not wanted to be the “big, bad guys.” As a result, these smaller banks have recoiled too far in the other direction and sell nothing which is a disservice to the customers and prospects. I think Mid Penn Bank has found the appropriate middle ground.

What role do you play in helping customers achieve their goals?

As the bank’s SBA Loan Officer, my responsibilities range from helping someone start a business, to someone who is retiring and wants to sell a business, to those who want to grow their business, or those with a business that is in trouble. I try to find out what they need or want to accomplish and then look at the whole picture and help them get there. This means something different in every situation.