Posted on Jun 29th, 2017
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Take a minute to meet Molly Barner, branch manager of our Tower City and Tremont offices. She is celebrating five years with Mid Penn Bank. Learn more about the unique way she got started in banking and what she enjoys about working at a community bank.

What do you enjoy most about working at a community bank?
I really love the close-knit relationships between employees at Mid Penn Bank. Everyone knows everyone by name, not just by what they do, or by their department. This closeness goes right up through senior management. I always tell people that there aren’t many companies where your CEO can walk in at any time, and address every employee by name! I also love that Mid Penn Bank makes it very easy to balance personal and professional activities by being flexible and understanding with scheduling. I think what I love most though is the participation in and support of our community.

Tower City Pool Party
Molly and her team are constantly active in local community events. Last year, they hosted a pool party in Tower City for area residents to enjoy.

What drew you to working in the banking industry?
Honestly, my path to banking is pretty unique. I originally pursued a career as an athletic director, but ended up going down a different path. In 2006, I went to a community bank to open a savings account for my son, and the manager asked me if I would be interested in a part-time teller position. I applied and was hired, and I tried to learn everything I could about banking! I loved seeing how things worked on the teller side and how the teller’s role affected other departments. Soon, I was able to move into a full-time teller position, and then a financial representative position, where I opened accounts for customers. After five years with that company, I had the opportunity to interview for the manager position at Mid Penn Bank in Tower City. Now I am at the point where I am the manager of both the Tower City and Tremont branches!

What is your favorite annual event Mid Penn Bank holds or participates in?
Every year, Mid Penn Bank participates in the Old Home Week Celebration Carnival in Tower City. Volunteers operate two game stands for the entire week, and the bank sponsors the Friday night entertainment. Volunteers also help count and prepare the deposits each night after the carnival closes. We usually put in 50+ hours, on top of working a full week. It is a very fun event and shows our true commitment to the community. There is no other bank at that event that provides volunteers for the entire week. I have co-workers asking to be included in the event each year!

Do you engage in any additional service or events held in your community?
I am the treasurer for the Williams Valley High School baseball boosters, concession stand manager and coach for the Porter Tower Recreation Little League Baseball, and a member of the Old Home Week Committee. Formerly, I also taught Sunday school, Bible school, and was an officer of the Tower Porter Rotary Club. Although I no longer serve as a member or officer of the club, I continue to help with the Halloween parade, which is sponsored by the Rotary Club, as this is something I truly enjoy helping with each year.

What role do you play in helping customers achieve their goals?
Building relationships with customers and community members and gaining their trust is the first step to helping them achieve their goals. Knowing our products and services, having consultative sales conversations, and then following through on what was discussed is equally important.